Growth Focused 

Our Primary focus is on helping you achieve growth (inorganic and/or organic)

c-Suite assistance

Having been founders and leaders, we assist C-Suite leadership with interim responsibilities.

product & finance led

We focus and help our clients achieve growth via Product and / or Finance driven strategy

emerging technologies

Applied Technology is a key component with an affinity towards automation and AI

About us

Bringing the best Growth Strategy with Applied Technologies

In today’s world, Technology plays a key role for growth. Large enterprises spend billions of dollars trying to leverage that. Companies need to be able to leverage emerging technologies not only for increased efficiency and bottom line but also for growth. We are at a key inflection point when enterprises can take advantage of technologies at an increasingly affordable price point to help them grow – but this also comes with the challenge of setting up an iterative strategy that can leverage the rapidly evolving technologies appropriately and we at Prism Rayz have the experience & expertise to help you grow your business using these technologies.

A few things we’re great at

PE / VC Deal assistance

We work with multiple investment firms (PE / VC’s) to perform due-diligence, help SPV’s, establish strategy and assist their portfolio companies

automation & AI

Automation and AI are key and as such we assist the customers to identify their AI strategy and the execution / operating model.

GROWTH focused

Growth via multiple mechanisms is our key focus area (such as roll-ups, organic product development, spin-off’s, JV’s etc). We chalk out a product & finance driven growth strategy

interim leadership

For different constituents & stakeholders, we act as interim group & C-Suite leadership to set up and lead the transformation and post transaction strategy including execution and implementation 

Representative Clients

Below is a sample of the representative clients that we have served and helped grow across different dimensions

The secret of success

Our success is driven by a fundamental principle: “Our Success lies in the success of our clients”


We bring in expertise across the different focus areas and constituents and also let customers know what we are not able to help them with

skin in the game

Our success lies in our customers success and as such we participate as interim CXO leaders to help drive the strategy and execute

key partnerships

We bring in key partners in technology and other areas to achieve the growth objectives for our customers

thought leadership

We actively participate in industry forums, groups, panels and present and collaborate on thought leadership including areas such as ethical use of emerging technologies etc.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We were struggling with identifying key areas of growth for a couple of our portfolio companies and this team hit the ground running, helped develop the JV and distribution strategy and Sachin stepped up to be the CEO for us to ensure growth objectives were met.

Anish Desai

Road Capital

Our treasury operations depended on high performance computing and Sachin’s team and leadership helped us establish the right platform strategy with risk management acting as the CTO group

Farid Bousatha


As a hedge fund platform, we needed to be nimble to assist the different needs of the hedge funds we served. This meant the team needed to understand investments, performance, risk, operations and technology and assist in an agile and nimble manner. This team did it!

Luke Tieman

Merrill Lynch

Our Team

Our team has strong & blue chip education background (Wharton, Stanford etc.) and extensive experience as CEO, CTO, CFO leading strategy, investments, emerging technologies, operating models etc.

Sachin Jade

Managing Director

Neil Mukherjee

Managing Director

Bruce McClelan

Managing Director

Peter Salvitti

Managing Director

contact information

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